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This book is geared toward fans of science fiction, but it's a great read for anyone who appreciates an intricate story line, well-drawn characters, complicated interpersonal relationships, and fast-paced plotting. At its core, Snowfall on Mars is the story of a man who must act to save what's left of the human race from the horrific machinations of a mad cult leader.

About the Book

Twenty years ago, life on Earth was annihilated. Now, the few remaining colonists on Mars scratch out their living in the worn husk of New Houston, a once vibrant settlement. Outside its walls, a perpetual storm rages — acidic snow and rain – the result of a failed attempt to terraform the planet decades earlier. The human race, once numbering in the billions, has dwindled to five hundred or so souls.

David Adler has survived in these circumstances by keeping a low profile and minding his own business. But when he gets a knock on the door from his old flame, Oksana Levi, everything changes.

Mars’ lead engineer and Oksana’s current boyfriend, Carl Epstein, has been brutally murdered in his workshop, and Oksana pleads for Adler’s help. Adler soon finds himself pulling at the threads of a conspiracy by a millenarian cult and its bloodthirsty father figure to do away with life on the red planet once and for all.

About the Author

Branden Frankel is one of those who wanders and is, at least sometimes, lost. From philosophy, to music production, the practice of law, teaching, and raising a kid, he has dipped a figurative toe into many a metaphorical body of water. At 34, after divorce and a career change, Branden began writing fiction, finding his second passion — fatherhood being the first.

He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his daughter, Lilah, and Steve, their shockingly aggressive betta fish.


Snowfall on Mars was an intoxicating dystopian journey into a failed terraforming effort on Mars. Science fiction readers will devour it with pleasure. But more profoundly, like many post-apocalyptic stories, it’s about people trying to make sense out of a chaotic world. The characters are extremely well drawn – complex- simultaneously sympathetic and not. The real story involves their existential struggle with a bleak circumstance. Frankel has given us characters that exceed our expectations and even provoke us to think. Snowfall on Mars establishes him as an important new voice in the genre.
— Trent Teti
With all the attention being paid to Mars now (The Martian in print and film), I saw this and thought why not. I was intrigued by the premise. It started a little slowly and I initially thought it would be a slog reading through to the end. I was so wrong. After getting through the first few chapters, it had thoroughly grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. The characters are very well drawn out, the dysfunctional society realistically portrayed and the mystery all encompassing. The “hero” is a simple every-man reluctantly thrust into solving a murder mystery. His journey to that solution involves unraveling a bigger conspiracy and dealing with all sorts of unsavory individuals all known to him beforehand. For a first time author, this is an excellent Sci-Fi adventure and one that could be all too true in the near but yet distant future.
— Kipper Snack
The hallmark of great science fiction is a story that focuses on the characters, not the science fiction. You will feel like a participant and a witness to the events. I found I could literally see the character’s surroundings and other characters as Frankel allows the user to fill in blanks with their own imagery. If you’ve ever read Samuel R. Delany (4 Nebulas, 2 Hugos) you’ll find this style familiar. The other world environment and characters seem nevertheless familiar, the authors never telegraphs his punches, and never cleans up after his characters, which is exactly how life really works.
— R. Garrett

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